Mayapan Mayan Ruins And Cenote Swim

07/03/2023 through 05/03/2024
05/03/2022 through 05/03/2024
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After taking a free shuttle to the city, you will meet your local, knowledgeable guide, who will drive over with you to the Mayan ruins in an air-conditioned vehicle. Once you arrive at the Mayapan Mayan ruins, your guide will tell you all there is to know among the ancient site.

You’ll marvel at the city’s remarkable, nine kilometer wall, which is considered arguably the longest defense walls in Mesoamerican history. Archaeological research suggests that the wall was erected for good reason, as many believe Mayapan was the capital of the Mayan world.

Your guide will show you some of the ruins’ most important sites, including the largest pyramid, the Temple of Kukulcan; and the ceremonial centers at which traditions and festivities once took place. After learning about the history and culture of the Maya, you’ll travel to the nearby Nah Yah cenote.

A cenote, or limestone sinkhole filled with water, resembles a natural, underground swimming pool. You’ll arrive at the neighboring jungle, and your guide will lead you to a wooden staircase that descends into an opening in the ground. Once your eyes adjust to the lighting, you’ll stand in awe of the crystal blue, still waters of the cenote.

You’ll be able to jump into the cenote’s tranquil waters from a wooden platform for a refreshing float, just be sure not to use any sunscreen, as the oils can damage the fragile ecosystem of the cenote. The Mayans believed the cenotes had healing powers, and once you’ve experienced the serenity of a cenote swim, you’ll understand why they would have thought so.


Day 1 Progreso is on the Yucatan Peninsula, due north of Merida on the Gulf of Mexico.

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